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Sugarbird Aesthetics uses the advanced LifeViz® Mini, which was awarded Best Aesthetic Device. This device is renowned for its image quality and accuracy, as it depicts the face in three dimensions. In 3D, facial shapes can be viewed from any angle in a unique way.


With the 3D AnalysisTM module, it has never been easier to identify and quantify fine wrinkles, pores, acne lesions, etc., with an exceptional degree of accuracy and precision to evaluate subtle volume, surface, and depth changes over time.

It can also be used to simulate aesthetic procedures to assist patients in visualising their desired facial outcomes.


LifeViz provides our clients with a realistic picture of their faces, which we utilise to monitor follow-ups. We use LifeViz to create a complete personalised analysis that includes the following measurements:


Wrinkles & Fine Lines


Acne Lesions



Red Spots/ Brown Spots

Oiliness and evenness 


With your report, we can compare before and after treatments and show after outcomes using a variety of visualisations.

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